Take a stand against violence

Over 600 whānau  took a public stand against violence in October 2016 by signing the E Tū Whānau Charter of Commitment taking the total of online signatures on this historic document to almost 800.
Brent Mio, Koha Alpass-Waru and their tamariki. For them it’s all about doing what is tika – doing things the right way according to traditional values.

Radio and television personality Brent Mio (pictured above with his whānau) joined E Tū Whānau Māori Reference Group chairperson, Darrin Haimona in a series of interviews on iwi radio stations throughout the motu.  Brent says pakeke of his generation have grown up with an erroneous view of their people.

“The image of us as a violent people is just plain wrong. We need to come togetherwhānau  and reclaim our rightful heritage as people who value aroha, who delight in building the mana of others and do what is tika – doing things the right way according to our values.”

Darrin Haimona says that the Charter is proving an effective platform for discussion and leadership around addressing issues of violence within whānau.

“We know that violence against whānau members is not traditional to Māori society but, like all New Zealanders, we’re appalled by high levels of domestic and child abuse in this country.  We’re calling on our people to do something about it by living the values of their tīpuna.  We must stand together to create this change.”

“We are encouraging whānau to read, discuss and sign the E Tū Whānau Charter of Commitment.  Every signature contributes to positive change and helps create violence free futures for our tamariki and mokopuna.”

Whānau can find out more about the E Tū Whānau Charter of Commitment, and sign it here.