Mana manaaki

Building the mana of others through nurturing, growing and challenging

Mana manaaki is about upholding people’s dignity and giving of yourself to others. Strong whānau offer support and assistance to each other whenever they can, especially in times of need.

Whānau performing kapa haka embody mana . manaaki
Manaaki enables rangatahi kapa haka performers to reach new heights

What is mana manaaki?

“If people need kai, shelter, manaaki  – bring them in, do what you can to help them.”

“When people who are not speakers of te reo Māori use phrases like ‘Tēnā koe, kia ora, nau mai’.”

“Sharing, giving without thought of reward; it’s part and parcel of being Māori.”

Listen to different views on how mana manaaki empowers whānau

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