Doing things the right way, according to our values.

Tikanga is concerned with the safety and protection of the whānau. It is about the rules, customs and rituals that keep whānau safe from harm, both physical and spiritual. Strong whānau live according to their values and beliefs. They have traditions or routines in place to esure that everything is done in the proper manner.

Here are some different takes on tikanga:

“Tikanga is the little things, but they are important – karakia before going to bed, taking shoes off before going into a whare, and ensuring manuhiri eat first.”

“It creates a sense of purpose – being wahine toa, being mana wahine, nurturing, sustaining family and whānau.”

“It’s the way we do things as Māori. It is something that belongs to Māori.”

Video produced by Emma Robinson 2014
Darrin Haimona talks about taking responsibility for others.