About the Charter of Commitment

Māori have developed the Charter of Commitment as a call to action to whānau throughout the country to stand together against violence of all forms, and uphold the tapu and the mana of our people. Violence is a transgression against whānau and whakapapa.

Signing the Charter is a step that anyone can take to encourage debate, action and change.

Read the full Charter below:

We acknowledge that all violence towards whānau is unacceptable within Te Ao Māori, and that such acts of violence are considered a transgression that breach the mana and tapu of the individual, their whānau and their entire whakapapa.

We declare that violence against wāhine and tamariki within whānau is not part of our cultural tradition, and that the actions and solutions that work best for Māori lie within Māori values and practices. Download a copy of the Charter of Commitment here. Read the full text below:

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