Giving with no expectation of return

Through words and actions, strong whānau let each member know that they are loved and appreciated on a daily basis.

Aroha is all about giving unconditionally. It is the basis of whānau that are strong and in which people can live with a clear sense of identity.

Tauawhitia ai koe

Wrap your whānau in your loving and protective embrace

What is Aroha?


In this tohu there are two different kowhaiwhai that merge to make a rauru, or spiral design, at the centre. This represents two different entities coming together on common ground through love and understanding.

The rauru can also trace its origin back to Ranginui and Papatūānuku, depicting the loving embrace of the two. From this, all life is created.

Resources based on Aroha

E Tū Whānau has developed a number of resources to support whānau exploring and deepening their connection with Aroha.

Printed resources

Image of the cover of the Aroha – one of the set of booklets exploring the six E Tū Whānau values

Aroha – this downloadable booklet is one in a series which explores the six E Tū Whānau values.

Sets of the whole series of booklets are available for ordering from our Resources page.

Activities for whānau support whānau to reconnect with Aroha and to explore other areas that strengthen and build mana.

Video resources

Visual resources which take a look at Aroha in action include:

Kaanihi Butler-Hare breaks down Aroha. He explains what it means to him and how it links to the other E Tū Whānau values
Seven people offer their perspectives on the nature and power of Aroha

Want to know more?

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