Info & support

Info & support is available for all situations. We’ve identified the services we think are most helpful for whānau.

For support with family violence or sexual violence

Call 111 (New Zealand Police) if you or someone else is in immediate danger of being harmed or may harm themselves.

Call Women’s Refuge (0800 733 843) for advice, support and safe accommodation when you’re dealing with violence in your life.

Call Safe to Talk (0800 044 334) if you are worried about your behaviour and those close to you feel frightened of you. You can also visit Safe to Talk website.

To find local social support services in your area, call the Family Services helpline (0800 211 211) or visit the online Family Services Directory

Info & support for whānau and personal wellbeing

0800 What’s Up is a free service for tamariki and rangatahi to talk or webchat with a trained counsellor.

1737 is a free helpline to call or text if you are feeling down, anxious, or just need to chat to someone. It’s available 24/7.

Tākai provides parenting information support for whānau supporters. Check them out on Facebook

For access to food or essential items

Talk to your support networks like family, whānau, friends, iwi and neighbours to see if they could deliver essential items to you.

No support networks? Order groceries online from some stores.

None of the above options work for you? Contact your local Civil Defence Emergency group to deliver essential items including: food, water, groceries, pet food, medication, cooking fuel, clothing, bedding.

For vaccinations

Find out how and where you can get vaccinated here

For temporary accommodation

0508 754 163

For renting and tenancy advice

Tenancy Services
0800 836 262

Civil Defence Emergency

Local Civil Defence Management Groups

  • Northland 0800 790 791
  • Wellington 0800 141 967
  • Auckland 0800 222 296
  • Marlborough 03 520 7400
  • Waikato 0800 800 405
  • Bay of Plenty 0800 884 222
  • Canterbury 0800 242 411
  • Hawke’s Bay 0800 422 923
  • West Coast 03 900 9329
  • Tairāwhiti 0800 653 800
  • Otago 0800 322 4000
  • Taranaki 0800 900 077
  • Manawatū-Whanganui 0800 725 678
  • Chatham Islands 03 305 0033 Ex 715

For employment advice and support

Contact Employment NZ
0800 20 90 20
or visit their website for information on your rights as an employee

Contact Worksafe for information on working safely
0800 030 040 (Worksafe)

For financial support visit the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) website

You can apply for a main benefit online and check your eligibility for food assistance.

For more information on other kinds of support

Visit the Unite Against COVID-19 website

or contact the New Zealand Government Helpline
0800 779 997

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