Song comp “gives our whānau a voice”

Maureen Fepulea is one of the E Tū Whānau 2018 Song Competition’s greatest supporters.

Mother and daughter teamed up to write and produce their song. Maureen and daughter Destiny.

Her entry, ‘Stop Hurting Our Children’, didn’t win a prize but that didn’t worry Maureen who listened to every song and posted encouraging comments to every entrant.

“I just love the competition. It’s giving our whānau a voice, and music is one of the most important ways indigenous cultures express themselves.”

Care for our tamariki

Maureen wrote ‘Stop Hurting Our Children’ as “a message to self” as much as a plea to all of us to care for our tamariki.

“I was reading about a case of horrible child abuse and found myself asking ‘where was this child’s family?’ Then I thought about how, as a young mum from a traditional Samoan family, I’d disciplined my children in ways that I certainly wouldn’t say was ok now.

“It wasn’t easy to overcome badly formed habits, but it was do-able, and I am grateful to be the parent and grandparent of safe, happy and amazing children and grandchildren.”

“So I found myself writing this song to all of us, calling on all of us to examine our own ways to ensure that we stop hurting our children.”

Maureen wrote and performed the lyrics and daughter Destiny Fruean wrote the music for ‘Stop Hurting Our Children’.

“It is my hope that this song will encourage many of us to look for healthier and safer ways to be there, for our children,” says Maureen.

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