Māoriland award winners 2017

Brent Mio and Te Ahitaiwa Hakaraia Hosking

Eleven short films showcasing the vibrant and varied work of rangatahi film makers from the lower half of the North Island were screened in Ōtaki (March 16) at the fourth annual E Tū Whānau Rangatahi Film Making Awards.

Working within a variety of genres, from docos to music videos, relationship dramas to ghost stories, these courageous young storytellers tackled stories brimming with intelligence, sensitivity, sadness – and lots of humour.

Media personality and E Tū Whānau kaimahi, Brent Mio kept tamariki from local schools and their whānau hilariously entertained as he presented the winners with their certificates.

“These rangatahi are inspirations to us pakeke with their fresh vision, their humour and creativity and the way they express the values that E Tū Whānau shares with Te Ao Māori. Those traditional values are designed to keep our whānau healthy and strong,” said Brent Mio.

The E Tū Whānau Rangatahi Film Making Challenge has been an important part of the Māoriland Film Festival since it began four years ago. The quality of storytelling and film making demonstrated how much these young film makers have learnt from the efforts of their peers in previous years.

This year rangatahi organised and programmed their own festival which included the rangatahi challenge and the awards.

E Tū Whānau congratulates all the winners in this year’s E Tū Whānau Rangatahi Film Making Awards:

  • Film Maker of the Year / Te Ihorei – Neihana Lowe for Warning
  • Best Drama / Te Tino Whakaataata – Te Ahitaiwa Hakaraia Hosking for Kapumanawawhiti
  • Best Documentary / Pakipūmeka Mātua – Jakita Paranihi for Otaki’s Super Heros
  • Best Actor / Te Ahikā –  Shania Bailey Edmonds for Hine
  • Best Editing / Pepa “Kotikoti,” Kōhatū, – Jharaiz Kiriona for Wings
  • Best Use of Theme / Wai Ora – Pare Finlay, Jakita Paranihi, Ari Leason and Jada Murray for Turning Tables and Tihei Rangatahi for All We Need Is Love (Judges were unable to decide between the two best films so choose joint winners).