Our Values

A number of hui were held to find out what people thought would be seen and heard in strong thriving whānau. E Tū Whānau distilled this kōrero into six underpinning values: aroha, whanaungatanga, whakapapa, mana/manaaki, kōrero awhi and tikanga. These are part of who we are and what makes us strong as Māori. They kept our whānau safe in the past and have the power to do so again. They are protective factors for Māori. These traditional values form the basis of the themes and messages in the different E Tū Whānau resources.

Our strength and power comes from whānau – whānau is the key to eliminating violence

Harekeke flowerAroha
Giving with no expectation of return

It’s about being connected

Knowing who you are and where you belong

Mana / Manaaki
Building the mana of others, through nurturing, growing and challenging

Kōrero Awhi
Positive communication and actions

Doing things the right way, according to our values