Kaupapa Māori framework

Six values underpin E Tū Whānau. These emerged out of conversations with whānau about the strengths of contemporary Māori life and the values that keep whānau healthy. Making these values work in today’s world will help to protect whānau and keep us strong and prosperous for generations to come.

The underlying philosophies 

The conceptual framework for E Tū Whānau derives from a kaupapa Māori philosophical basis including:

  • Te mana kaha o te whānau
  • Tino rangatiratanga
  • Reclamation of tikanga / restoration of the whānau
  • Whakanoa / sanctity of the home
  • Mātauranga Māori – traditional values and practices, together with contemporary knowledge, as protective factors for Māori

E Tū Whānau principles

These principles underpin the E Tū Whānau Programme of Action. They provide a foundation to support and guide our work:

  • Māori designed and driven solutions
  • Whole-of-whānau approach
  • Tikanga foundation
  • Inclusiveness
  • Community led
  • Autonomy, integrity
  • Strengths-based
  • Evidence-based
  • Education focused
  • Collaboration and connectedness
  • Sustainability